Weekly Update – July 18th, 2018

The momentum is starting to build as we get into the second week of my three year journey.

Despite not hitting the range (again) during the workweek, I had an abnormal amount of confidence going into the weekend.  Possibly because I had an excuse for poor scoring already lined up, so there wasn’t any pressure to perform.

Part of golf course maintenance is aerating the greens.  They punch little holes in the turf, and it makes putting and approaches a little difficult to predict.  As far as aerating usually goes, it really didn’t influence my game much.

This weekend was a tale of two weather systems.  Saturday we had a storm roll in around the 6th hole.  My game wasn’t particularly sharp, but I could feel it was going to be a decent round.

Sunday was about 90 degrees and 90% humidity.  Sweat and putting seemed to be my games only weaknesses as I punched another 78 scorecard.  Five of the last six rounds sub-80.

As I mentioned in my last article, greens in regulation is a big statistic to focus on and here’s why:


There is a strong correlation between GIR and lower scores.  When GIR% dips, scores peak, and more importantly:  vice versa

This week I’m going back to my putting drills, since I felt a little off.  On top of that I’m working on my next big article and also got invited to participate in a fun tournament next Saturday!  I’ll do some course research and start planning a strategy for that, since I like being prepared.

Enjoy the week!

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