Weekly Update – August 1st, 2017

This weekly update has been the most difficult to write so far.

Maybe you remember the quote from last week, about how “the hard is what makes it great?”  Well sometimes the easy is pretty awesome, too.

I made myself go to the range a couple times last week and really focused hard on feedback from my instructor.  Even busting out my notebook from our first lesson.  Like I mentioned to my girlfriend Friday night, “It’s either gonna be great or awful tomorrow.”

Turned out to be the greatest, yet!  For the first time in my life, I shot even par.  Made the turn at -1 and managed my nerves with a text to my future-caddie, Andy.  The most blood-pumping shot was from the tee at 18.  I’ve been even before there and put a triple-bogey on the hole.  Saturday I hit it low on the club face but straight as an arrow.  Put my second on the green and had a no-pressure two-putt for par, and a final score of 71.

There was one point in my life where I said if I shot even par, I’d drop everything I was doing to pursue a professional golf career.  It was always a laughable dream, but now I’m much further along than I thought.

The 71 threw a wrench into my upcoming article, since I did some faux-math to figure out when I’d be able to shoot par.  Not complaining since it’s a good problem to have.

Sunday was the same game but with unlucky bounces.  I carded another 78, bringing my total rounds in the 70’s to 11.  Just past halfway through the year and I’ve nearly caught all of 2016’s total.

Handicap revision was also today, and I’m officially a 5.8 (started as a 12.2).  That’s another achievement of mine: Sub-6 HDCP.  I’m checking things off my goal list before I can even post them!

This week I’m planning on getting my practice schedule really organized.  The next article has been delayed due to unexpected awesomeness.

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