Weekly Update – August 22nd, 2017

It’s been a few weeks since my last post.  Not a lot has really gone on.

About three weeks ago I got into a funk and it took a long time (and finally some good night’s rest) to shake off.  During that time, it was hard to handle that great “par-performance expectation” to the course without a clear mindset.

I went high, like really high comparatively.  82-86 the weekend after my crowning achievement.  The 86 actually hurt my handicap less than the 82 because I took a 15 on a par 5 with a frustrated Tin Cup moment while trying to clear a water hazard.  Truth be told, if my mind was there and I had just hit to a safe spot after the first dunk, that easily could have been an under-80 round.

The fog started to clear and I went 80-80 the following weekend, once from the white tees and once from the blues.  There was a little light at the end of the tunnel, though my goal of 5 rounds in the 70’s for August was completely dashed by those two weekends.

Next came last weekend, which started with a 78 on Saturday.  My putting (not putter) let me down in a big way, even though I had been working on it all week.  I couldn’t read a green and ended up with 33 putts, three above my average.

So, like any frustrated pro, I switched putters for Sunday.  I needed a shakeup and got it in a big way.  Shot a 74 with a career-low 25 putts on the day.  I know it wasn’t the putter, but I’m glad I had a backup excuse.

Converting three birdies was big, including a chip-in that I thought I mishit.  The only double-bogey on the card could have been prevented by not rushing my routine, but my drive ended up in the wrong fairway and I was trying to get out of the way.

I have my practice schedule all figured out up to my next tournament.  The big things I’m working on are stopping the snap-hook drives and elevating my longer irons.  GIR started to dip during my poor performance, so I would like to get that back up.  Might need to get to my coach before September rolls in if everything doesn’t get sorted out quickly.

My next article is still in the works, though not very diligently.  Lots of life events are dividing my focus, but I’m sure the good things to come will help me get back on track!

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