Weekly Update – September 19th, 2017

Weeks seem to come and go at will!  Quite a bit has gone on this time, mostly golf-related.

Two weeks ago I took my annual trip to Nebraska for a fun golf tournament.  The weather didn’t cooperate perfectly, but the trip was a blast.  We didn’t win anything this year either, despite there being a third of the teams from last year.  Overall I wouldn’t change anything about it!

Last week provided some article material, as I finally went and got a club fitting.  Hopefully in the near future I can talk in detail about what I expected, what the experience was like, and how I will approach the making changes to my bag.

Next month I have another lesson booked.  My instructor seems to be in higher demand, and it’s reflected in both his availability and cost.  Lessons are invaluable in improvement, so I will have to find a way to plan ahead both in terms of timing and saving.

Before I get to see him I want to pick up some swing speed (a disappointing mark on my club fitting), so I purchased the Superspeed Golf trainers.  I’ve heard great things about them and will diligently work on improving my clubhead speed.

This weekend I signed up for another golf tournament hosted by The Grint group.  This very active golf community has been fun to meet and play with, so one last tourney for the year will be a nice conclusion to their golf season.  And hey, if I win some money I won’t have to concern myself so much with the price increase in lessons.

If you’re wondering how I’ve been performing since I last updated you, have no worries.  My last five outings have all been sub-80 (bringing my YTD total to 18), and my handicap is currently predicted to be around 4.7.

Finally, a fun fact for you:  in order to be admitted to PGA professional/golf course management programs in colleges, you must pass a Playing Ability Test.  When I was in college, it wouldn’t have been possible to even apply for such programs.  After chatting with a friend this week, I realized last weekend’s score would have been sufficient enough to give me a pass by 4 strokes.  And they even warn you that only 20% of the participants can pass the test!  Now of course I didn’t have the pressure of my future career on the line, but I thought it was a cool note to realize how far I’ve come.

I’m planning on staying active on posting.  I have an article still in the works and am excited to share how a golfing journal (GoJo) can keep you trending in the right direction.

Have a great week.  As my buddy always says to me, “Good vibes and long drives!”

Good vibes and long drives.

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