Weekly Update – March 28th, 2018

My “weekly” update comes fresh off some exciting news.  If you are a frequent reader of Practical Golf, you may have seen my name pop up in a guest article starting today!

Jon gave me the opportunity to share my story of how I dropped 8 strokes off my handicap in three years.  You can find it by clicking on the link here.  While you’re there, I recommend you sign up for his newsletter.  Practical Golf has been an incredible resource for bettering my game by offering sound advice for golfers of all skill.

Maybe you’re finding my site because you already are a Practical Golfer.  To you I say, “Welcome!”

This site is just at the the beginning of an exciting journey, so you’ve joined at the perfect time!

On top of a renewed motivation for writing, I also signed up for an amateur golf tour this summer hosted by TheGrint.  The first tournament didn’t go so well, but that means I have a full season to improve.

Feel free to drop me line and follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

2 comments on “Weekly Update – March 28th, 2018

  1. Picked up your blog from Practical Golf.
    Question …has the improvement in your game effected your clubs and there settings?
    Keep up the good work.

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    • Hi Michael! Thanks for following along and great question!

      I’m always looking at other ways to improve the little things, like getting fitted. Last year I went to Club Champion to see what they had to say and have since changed the loft, length, and number of grip wraps in my clubs. I’ll be writing an article about my experience soon so keep an eye out for that to use what I learned for yourself.

      In my case, the club that has needed the most adjustment after swing changes was my driver! Everything I used during my first three years was stock off-the-shelf with no custom adjustments until last October. I will say once I made some of the custom recommendations, I did see a huge boost in consistency. I’ve also kept a close eye on that very question with my golf instructor. He even bent my 6i two degrees upright himself during the next lesson after my fitting so we could see what a difference it would make (lesson learned).

      As far as my driver, I used to tune it to a “closed” position because I was fighting a bad slice. Eventually improvement meant I needed to “open” it back up. Quick fixes like tuning a club “closed” can end up causing more of a problem, like slicing, because you don’t improve your swing.
      Somewhere along the line I convinced myself I needed a stiffer shaft driver and it cost me for a while. Listen to your coach, your fitter, and your data!

      Hope that answered your question! Thanks for reading, and I hope you are enjoying your own journey to improvement!


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