Weekly Update – June 11th, 2018

Writing updates is always easier when I have good things to share!

After a couple weeks of really digging into my training schedule, I had a breakthrough round.  Yesterday I carded a +2 (73) at my home course, including a bogey-free -2 front nine. The putter FINALLY started acting like I had been practicing.

Recently I may a switch to my grip, to accommodate for my long arms.  As I was rereading James Sieckmann’s Your Putting Solution, I realized my right hand wasn’t falling underneath my right shoulder in the setup.  The most natural solution for me was to change to a claw grip to get my right hand lower on the club.  My playing partners commented at how natural my stroke had become. They also noticed me drop putts from all over the green.

In addition to the grip, I changed an aspect of my mentality to create a more flowing stroke (both in putting and short game).  Often I find my practice swings feel fluid, but once I stand over the ball there is too much going on in my head.

To combat that, I picture the back-and-forth of my ideal swing and follow through.  And to start my swing or stroke, I use the momentum of the “phantom follow through” returning to setup to go right into the real deal. It’s eliminated that “stuck” feeling I get sometimes and taken my distance control to a new level.

When you get a taste of success, it’s important to stay on task to reach your larger goals.  I’m keeping it short this week, so I’ll end with this quote from John Wooden:

“Success is never final, failure is never fatal.  It’s courage that counts.”


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