Weekly Update – July 11th, 2018

I’m back from vacation and getting right back into my training plan.

The week off was welcomed home by a lesson with my coach, and we “moved the needle.”  Considering my lesson was on Friday and I shot 79-73 on the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly things can move in the right direction.

My short game was a struggle, but my putting is coming around.  Sunday I poured everything in after diligently working on my tempo.

Ball striking and driving are better than ever.  With another tournament coming up on Saturday, I’m hoping to keep my head above water this week while I myelinate my lesson on the range.  Like I’ve said before, I tend to play well right after a lesson and as the message fades so does my game. This lesson felt a little easier to digest despite the significant difference, so I’m hoping that trend shifts.

Hitting 44% of greens in regulation was a huge improvement from my recent outings.  That number is going to keep climbing for a while with this striking.

After reviewing my monthly goals, I’ve already checked off two of the twelve I set for July.  With all the swing speed training, I finally surpassed my goal of 105-mph target average last night.  I failed to meet that goal in June but blew past it averaging 107 on the range (with a personal record high of 109).  My year goal is to reach 110 by December. So we’re ahead of schedule!

While on vacation, I was working on a new article that should be up later this month.  I happened upon another unfinished one that I started almost a year ago. Since it’s a natural order, I’m going to finish the old one first (without updating too much since it’s almost comical how far I’ve already grown my game).  Stay tuned!

Have a great week, and I’ll let you know how the tournament goes!

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