Weekly Update – July 17th, 2018

More positive updates flooding in as I placed 2nd in my tournament this weekend!

Nerves got the best of me on the front nine.  Normally I don’t have performance anxiety during these tournaments, but I had been playing so well that my subconscious clearly had an issue with my expectations.  As we took the turn, I finally started to feel comfortable.

I ended the round with a 30-foot drain for birdie, carding an even back nine to pair with my +6 front.  Due to the tournament taking place the day before handicap revisions, my net and whatever crazy calculations they have put me at -4, good enough for second in my flight and second overall.

Had handicap revisions happened the day before I would have won the next flight even with my improved handicap.  It may have been cruel fate that the only player who could have beaten me in any flight just happened to be in mine.  That will be one slice of humble pie to-go.

Followed my 78 up with a round of 79 the next day.  That puts my last 5 rounds in the 70s, which is an impressive stretch for me.  I’ve never gone a month without shooting in the 80s, and I doubt this month will break that curse.  That’s not to discredit the hard work or great performances, it’s just my statistical reality. July has been fun either way.

Cordie over at Golf Science Lab has partnered with Dr. Greg Cartin to create a Mindfulness Course.  As I have interest in both topics, it was easy to sign up for to get new perspectives. If it sounds interesting to you, head over to his site and check it out.  Cordie also posted a podcast episode with the one-and-only Jon Sherman from Practical Golf. That was a fun listen and comes highly recommended.

Since my training has been in overdrive, I’ve noticed other parts of my life have been neglected.  Finding the right balance of self-improvement and the rest of life can be tough. One of the worst feelings creeps in when you realize things have fallen by the wayside.  I’m hoping to course correct and allow August to help me find that balance again.

The Open Championship is this week and is without a doubt my favorite tournament!  Nothing beats getting up early and seeing players cast against nature’s worst. If Carnoustie stays true to expectations, it is going to be a battle.  Get ready for the game in its purest form.

Have a great week!

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