Weekly Update – July 25th, 2018

Fresh off The Open weekend (congrats Franky!), I got to test my own fortitude in the face of a difficult round.

Saturday my left shoulder was bugging me.  I could feel a knot restricting my left shoulder blade from properly retracting and protracting.  The result was more snap hooks than I’ve hit in the last year.

After the disappointing round I worked with a foam roller and finally got my scapula to release.  The difference the following morning was day-and-night. I fired a +1 (72) including back-to-back-to-back birdies and hitting 100% of greens on the back nine.  Now I need to figure out how to bottle and sell it in infomercials on the Golf Channel.

Putting performance was still poor by high expectations, but I am more than happy with feeling the process as I was going.

My motivation has been sapped the last two weeks.  Even though my performance keeps me in it, I fight most of the way.  It didn’t help that our A/C quit working in my workout/practice area so I’ve been avoiding it.  Objects at rest and what not.

Finally my handicap is continuing in the good vibes direction.  This weekend I need a poor score with good performance. I know that might sound odd, but it always brings me back to be able to detach from the end result.

Keep it in the fairway this week!

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