Weekly Update – August 6th, 2018

It’s the beginning of a new month and if you’ve been following along the last couple of weeks you already know today’s story.

As part of my goal setting review, I take a look at the last month’s performance to see what kind of things have worked and things that haven’t.  At the start of July, I went in for a lesson with Corey and we found a pretty big hiccup in my full swing. Did we “move the needle” this month? Well see for yourself.

Here are my strokes gained stats for June, prior to my tune-up:

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.03.04 AM

And here they are again for July:

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.00.53 AM

Clearly there is one aspect of my game that didn’t see significant improvement, although there was some.  I’m still trying to get the hang of a new putting change, which distilled down to a tempo issue.  Promises of improvement are limited only to my time dedicated to the issue, which as of late has been very little.  The half stroke gained was from the two times I went to the range to specifically work on putting. Once I get more comfortable with the “touch” of the new tempo, I’m sure I’ll see my results improve.

That pesky knot in my left shoulder showed up again two Sundays ago, the day after I carded another great round of +1.  It took all week to mobility back, limiting my practice even more. Keeping my game under 80 was a challenge this weekend, but I managed to do it both days.  

My putter didn’t care to show up on Saturday, despite hitting 12 greens.  Sunday was a test due to sheer dehydration.  I carded a personal best five birdies as lumbered around all day.  Note: alcohol the night before is not a performance-enhancing experience for John (I am not Eddie Pepperell). Birdies are awesome and so is hitting a 303-yard drive with my 3W!  That Superspeed set is paying for itself.

After reading Practical Golf’s review of the Swing Caddie SC200, I finally pulled the trigger on getting one myself.  So far I’ve only used it once and can already tell it’s going to make practicing a lot more fun.  The Approach and Target modes are going to invaluable at improving one of my weaknesses: shots from inside 100-yards.

Excited for another major coming up, but a little disheartened that I have to take a week off of golf for business.  I’m looking to spend time on some overdue articles, so keep an eye out for those (I promise this time).

No update next week.  Looking forward to getting back to the grind as soon as possible.  Have a great couple of weeks, and we’ll see you on the other side!

2 comments on “Weekly Update – August 6th, 2018

  1. Hi John, i’m interested also with SC200 following article from Jon…Do you know if carry distance is correct if we use range ball instead of “real” ball ? or distance will be lower than reality ? I hope you can write a little review of this SC200. Keep going your good job


    • Hi StephJDM! From my understanding, the performance will be accurate to that of the ball you use with the monitor. So if you only practice with range balls and play with something else, you aren’t going to get the same results between the range and course based on spin rates.

      You do bring up a good point! I have a few “gently used” game balls that might find their way to the end of the range. Next time I go, I’ll do a quick test and see what kind of differences I get between a range ball and say a Titleist ProV1X. Thanks for the suggestion!


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