Weekly Update – September 15th, 2020 (HDCP 6.1)

Week two of my Rotary Swing training completed and less than a month remaining in my challenge.  The prospect of achieving scratch in 90 days is looking doubtful, but that isn’t diminishing my optimism.

In fact I’m doing less now than when I started and seeing faster results from focused training.

A huge benefit to this program is not regularly going to the range.  In the two weeks since starting Rotary Swing, I’ve been to the range only once.  I’ve broken 80 twice with room to spare and dropped my handicap a stroke already (that’s 50% of my overall progress).  Not only that, but where previous instruction left me uncomfortably playing better, I now feel the changes are ingraining and becoming an actual part of what I bring to the course.  

Scoring well but feeling like you’re not playing well is uncomfortable.  It makes the score feel disingenuous.  Now although I may not play well, there is an overall feeling that I’m able to.  It’s a subtle difference between not playing well and not being able to play well.  One is temporary and the other is chronic.

As for my game, I can feel a breakthrough round coming soon.  In all likelihood as I start to home in my swing, things are going to fall into place.  My dispersion is tightening, my distance is returning, and my contact is cleaning up without me focusing on it.  As I look through years of data, the last time I saw this scoring trend was when I dipped to my lowest handicap.  That is a very promising indicator.

So if you’re just starting your journey for improvement or feel like lessons haven’t worked for you in the past, then I would absolutely recommend starting with Rotary Swing.  You’ll have to apply yourself to the drills and be consistent with honest feedback, but the program is an incredible multiplier for rapid progress.  I wish I had found this years or at least 60 days ago.  Who knows where my game will be in another 90 days.

Short and sweet this week.  Stay safe.

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